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RFD Station Number Four, a Raleigh Historic Landmark restored in Glenwood-Brooklyn

All this zoning stuff can be pretty mind-numbing. We have written a couple of documents in the interest of culling info applicable to Glenwood-Brooklyn’s current issues specifically, to make it more accessible. Also included here are links to the City of Raleigh’s pages and those of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) so you can read everything in full. Any questions you have on the Streetside Historic District Overlay (HOD-S) or the city-wide remapping project and UDO, please send them to Bob Fesmire at and we’ll try to get you answers.

Policy HP 2.4 Protecting Historic Neighborhoods
Protect the scale and character of the City’s historic neighborhoods while still allowing compatible and context-sensitive infill development to occur.
–City of Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan

How will Glenwood-Brooklyn be affected by the city-wide remapping going on now?
What is an historic overlay district (HOD) and why are we seeking one now?
How are remapping and the HOD related?

Remapping simply has to do with what planners call “base zoning.” Once we move to R-10 under the new zoning system described by the Universal Development Ordinance (UDO), we will lose some of the unique provisions that our current zoning (SpR-30) offers.

The HOD-S adds a layer of regulation on top of base zoning, regardless of what that might be, for properties within the boundaries of the HOD, which the planning department recommended would be the best way to keep our protections after the new zoning takes effect.

So, while R-10 has some compatibility standards (e.g., front setbacks), the HOD goes into more detail and covers things that are not considered under R-10 (e.g., roof shape, building materials).

HGBNA’s FAQ on Remapping and HOD

City of Raleigh UDO – Zoning Remapping page

Comparison of SP R-30, R-10 and RX- zoning districts

Getting to know your UDO – Raleigh Public Record

A primer on Raleigh’s remapping process – Raleigh News & Observer

Raleigh Historic Development Commission
Design guidelines and more are available here, but do not yet include the UDO’s new, less restrictive Historic Overlay District Streetside (HOD-S) which is being considered for Glenwood-Brooklyn. We are the first neighborhood to explore this new designation.

City of Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan
Link specifically for the Historic Preservation section of the Comprehensive Plan
Rezoning and the Comprehensive Plan
A summary of how the Comprehensive Plan will be applied to rezoning petitions.

Wake County iMaps (Flash-based page)
Excellent interactive map of Wake county cities, you can access a great deal of information, worth taking the time to learn how to use.

Glenwood-Brooklyn’s Raleigh Historic Landmark Fire Station Number Four wins an Anthemion Award from Capital Area Preservation
We’ll be writing in detail on this recognition of Glenwood-Brooklyn’s own Raleigh Historic Landmark, linked is the original announcement.

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