May 192014

Glenwood Brooklyn Annual Block Party

Sunday, June 1

3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Wills Forest at North Boylan Avenue

Live music, food, children’s activities and more!  Please bring a dessert or side dish to share.


  • This year the block party will be a low-waste event.  Please bring your own beverage glass and your own plate and utensils.  
  • Participate in the dessert contest!  Bring your dessert by the info table to collect a number and enjoy a prize for the best dessert.  Good luck!

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Aug 242013

Timeline of Activity regarding 700 Glenwood Avenue (occupied by CityGate real estate)

  • June 11, 2013:  Raleigh residents posted complaint on  Acknowledged by City of Raleigh same day.
  • June 26: Robert Pierce of City of Raleigh zoning department acknowledged residents’ concerns and stated that City has made contact with CityGate in efforts to bring their signs into compliance.  No compliance had been made by this time.
  • CityGate issued appeal to August 12 Board of Adjustment with a desire to contest interpretation of Zoning Code (see item #7)
  • August 12: CityGate withdraws appeal upon agreement with City to: a) change sign copy a maximum of 4 times per 24 hour period, and b) not to display 3rd party content.  Board of Adjustment Minutes
  • August 16: HGBNA votes in favor to appeal CityGate’s and City of Raleigh’s decision to allow signs to remain as interpreted.  83% of voters agreed to donate funds toward $200 appeal fee.  Neighbors may contribute $7 via check to HGBNA, 819 Clay Street, or via PayPal.
  • August 19: Appeal filed for September 9 Board of Adjustment hearing.
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Jun 012013

Due to the recent escalation of after-hours incidents around Sahara Cafe, the Public Safety department of City of Raleigh has encouraged the neighbors of Glenwood Brooklyn to pursue permit parking on Devereux, N Boylan and Hinsdale Streets.  This strategy would be up to the neighbors, and we have scheduled a meeting next Tuesday to discuss the details of such action.

Please join us Tuesday, June 4 from 6 to 7 pm at Jenkins Memorial church.  City officials will be present to explain the details and to take our questions.

Raleigh Public Record report:

NBC17 report:



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