Mar 042013

Community Watch works!

Post-Meeting summary from Rachel:

Hi neighbors, we had a very productive community watch meeting last night, and thanks to all who attended.
Our discussion included:

  • Don’t be bashful about calling in suspicious activity! In fact, be vigilant about reporting it. This could be someone backtracking through a street or alleyway, an unknown person entering or exiting a neighbor’s home, someone unknown carrying a stuffed duffel or backpack, loitering, littering, speeding, disregarding stop signs and being loud after 11 pm. The non-emergency police phone number is 919-831-6311. The more we call in, the more the police department will notice the patterns to take next steps such as increasing patrols, changing parking rules and more.
  • Designate a neighbor as a buddy. This means telling them when you will be out, when you will have a maintenance worker over, and when friends may be visiting. This means that if your neighbor notices activity of which you did not inform them, they can alert you and/or the police.
  • Acknowledge passers-by each and every time with a simple ‘hi’ and eye contact.

Thanks again everyone who also took leadership in a few specific areas [as outlined in the email to the listserv].
Let’s meet again in a month to assess progress.


Tuesday evening is reserved to discuss important aspects of our neighborhood safety from 6-7 pm at Jenkins church.  Please check in with Rachel if you plan to attend. We would like to have at least 10 residents.  Update: We do have enough folks signed up to hold the meeting. See you tomorrow night!

If we find that few people can attend, we will reschedule for later in the season and encourage neighbors to refer to this site’s Community Watch section.

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