May 312013

Downtown Living Advocates, Raleigh NC

The DLA is a citizen group, focused on issues of interest to residents of Downtown Raleigh, whose mission is to be an organized voice for Downtown residents, working together with city agencies, concerned institutions and local businesses in supporting balanced and sustainable growth for Raleigh.

Please visit the DLA website for more information and how you can register as a member, free of charge.

Core groups are forming now around the topics below.  If you would like to get personally involved in any of the topics, DLA will send you more details about the initiative and invite you to the next committee meeting.

  1. Downtown LIfestyle Tour – planning the May 18th tour with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance
    • Home selection criteria
    • Overcoming possible objections by home owners / HOA’s
    • Developing ‘Lifestyle’ themes, including mini-tours
  2. Better Parking in Downtown Raleigh
    • Making parking easier for the causal visitor
    • Having parking prices better match demand
    • Exploring how mobile technology could make parking easier
  3. Disposing of composted material in multi-unit buildings – working with CompostNow
    • Designing the pick up process for bins
    • Managing the fees
    • Promoting to residents via HOAs
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