Feb 272013

Oaks and Spokes Raleigh

For all you cyclists out there, Raleigh’s cycling community is celebrating the expansion of bicycle opportunities in the city of Raleigh.

From the Raleigh Public Record’s article Raleigh’s Bicycle Infrastructure Continues to Expand, “By the end of 2014, city transportation officials say nearly 75 miles of Raleigh roads will be more bike friendly thanks to local streetscape projects and matching funds from the state and federal transportation departments.”

From the Oaks and Spokes site:

Oaks and Spokes is a line up of cycling related events in and around downtown Raleigh from March 1-10, 2013. Come to Raleigh’s Inaugural Bicycle Festival to support and grow the Triangle’s cycling community. …
Join us for social rides, game nights, charity races and more!
All events are free to attend and open to the public.

A great variety of events to choose from, starting Friday March 1, and ending on Sunday March 10 with the (to your humble weblackey) hilariously-named Kidical Mass. Love it!
Kidical Mass is happening on the streets of Mordecai and Oakwood, so families in Glenwood-Brooklyn are ideally set to come out with your biking-age children and join in the fun.

Check out the schedule of events and help support this fledgling happening so it becomes something we look forward to every year!

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