Oct 272015

Our meeting Monday night with Planning Department staff got the attention of two local news outlets. Below is a link to one report on WTVD, Channel 11. It frames the issue as one of preservation, which is very much how we see this remapping challenge.

One thing, though, that was clear in the meeting is that there is no one in the City administration who is going to make sure our priorities are reflected in the new zoning regime–that’s up to us. Planning staff really only act as a reference resource for the Planning Commission and City Council. They don’t act in a conventional advisory role.

So, while the meeting was good to clarify some issues, this is only one step on a long journey.

Bob's presentation at 10/26/15 Glenwood-Brooklyn remapping

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Oct 252015

Let's Preserve Historic Glenwood-Brooklyn
Thanks for the great turnout, we had a great meeting.
Monday, October 26 • 6:30 pm to 8 pm
501 Washington St.
(same location as our last meeting)
Please note: be sure to bring a chair and make sure it’s not carrying leaves, etc. with it. (thanks)

Remapping Raleigh - UDORepresentatives of the Planning Commission will be on hand to explain the remapping process as we move to the new zoning system. This is separate from out effort to establish a Historic Overlay District and has its own implications for the future of the neighborhood.

It’s as important as the HOD, so please try to make it.

Of particular importance is the fate of a handful of properties that were all originally built as single-family homes—some quite grand—that are currently slated to be remapped as residential mixed use (RX-3). That designation greatly increases the likelihood that these properties will be converted into larger, more profitable buildings, most likely townhomes or apartments. This is important from a preservation standpoint, but it is also important from a quality of life standpoint.

A few facts about RX-3 before I let you go…

  • allows max height of 50 feet (vs. 40 feet under R-10, plus height is regulated in relation to neighboring properties)
  • requires a new building to have a wall, not a fence, surrounding the rear of the property
  • allows retail on the first floor—provided the property is on a corner of two public streets (there are two of these in the neighborhood)
  • Whatever the Planning Commission recommends is going to carry a lot of weight with the City Council, so it’s imperative that we make our wishes known. We’re setting a path for the next 30 years, after all.

A big Thank You! to Seven Event Studio for allowing HGBNA to meet at their location

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Oct 252015

HODs? UDO? Remapping? Glenwood-Brooklyn info here

The new page with links and docs to help understand the myriad and many parts to these huge subjects and why it’s so important to learn.

Apologies to all who have been waiting patiently for this resource, it’s been an effort on our part as well 😉

Need more or different? Let us know:

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Oct 132015

Let's Preserve Historic Glenwood-Brooklyn

Our next neighborhood meeting is another special presentation, this time by City of Raleigh Planning staff to talk to us about the UDO and remapping our neighborhood.

Monday Oct 26, at the same place as our last special meeting about the historic district, the Seven Event Studio at 510 Washington St.

Put it on your calendar as this will likely be the only opportunity we’ll have to question these folks in depth.

More info is on the way.

Aug 282015

(how many acronyms can we get into the title? 😉

Greetings neighbors,

Hope you had a chance to attend the meeting on Monday night, but if not here’s a quick summary…

Tania Tully of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission, gave a good overview presentation on Historic Overlay Districts, their intent, how they work and how they are established. Her slides are enclosed, but there is more information on the RHDC web site. Doug Hill, staff member at the Planning Commission, was also on hand to answer questions about remapping.

The City is progressing with the process to create a Streetside Historic Overlay District (HOD-S) in Glenwood-Brooklyn, and it will be Raleigh’s first of this type (the other HODs are all “general.”) Most of the work falls to the City, but the one thing we are charged with is obtaining a signed card from every property indicating whether or not the given owner(s) support the establishment of an HOD-S.

We initially hoped to do this via the online survey, but it’s become clear that we need hard copy. So, to anyone who filled out the survey but didn’t provide name, address, etc… please go back into the survey when you get a chance and add that so we can get you a card to check off and sign.

We absolutely need everyone to fill out a card! Ask Bob, Gina, Phil, pretty much anyone connected with the effort, we will bring it to you.

See you then!

Your HGBNA team

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